We share information and imagery of our beautiful Earth & nature .

We share information and imagery of our beautiful Earth.

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NATURE- we all know nature is beautiful but some it can be very hard because everyone knows nature is creator of human and all living animal...

natural disasters occur when forces of nature damage the environment and manmade structure. if people live in the area, natural disaster can cause a great deal of human suffring. as a reasult of disasters, people may be killed or injurd, or may lose ther homes and possissions. the impact is so great that the affected community often must depend on outside help in order to cope with the reasults.
examples of nature forces that can cause widesperead human suffring include earthquaks,tornado,hurricans,flood,volcanic eroption,hot cold tempreature,tsunami and many other disasters.
in the u.s damage caused by natural hazard costs close to one billion doller per week.
we all faces some biggest disastres of nature force so we all respect the nature. 


venice(italy) one the most beautiful place in the world. 


one of the most beautiful destination in earth-the bora bora iland


                                                     WHAT IS ORCHID!!!!
the orchid family contains about 25,000 species and is one of the largest flower families in the world. orchid is very populer flower as well.
generally speaking , orchid flower are blue,yellow,white,orange or red.although they can even be found in black(black orchid flower is found in very rare chance). some flowers also have markings. lives are usually light green, and some flower are highly fragrent.
we all know "orchid" is very rare flower that found in forest.

                                                 SPECIALTY & AREA OF ORCHID!!
orchids originally grow withen the tropical region of the world. in asia, orchids have long since been a prized flower to grow.
* there are more than 100,000 orchid hybrids and cultivated varieties.
*orchids needs humidity above 40% and regular watering but they will be damaged by too much water around the root.
*the majority of orchids grow best in bright, indirect light.


                                                                "LUNGS OF THE PLANET"
we are talking about the worlds biggest rainforest & nature treasure the 'amazon rainforest'.
amazon rainforest covers 2.5 million area of south amarica which inculds also 9 country.


1. amazon rainforest represent 54% of the total rainforest left on earth.
2.amazon rainforest produce 20% oxygen in earth thats why it called "LUNGS OF THE PLANET".
3.an estimated number of 2700 million acres of the rainforest are burned each year.

so we all know how important is amazon rainforest for us. so had to do something for this because it is no "increasing" every year thats a serious essue.......think about it.


we all know nature is uncomplete without it's awesomeness !!!
did you all people know tallest tree country in world??
let us help yo know you !!
* the tallest tree in the country is a coast redwood growing in northern california's redwood national park it is 369 feet tall and over 2000+ year old!!!
so take a look into nature it's i nature!!

Loveland Pass which is the highest mountain pass in the world

This picture was taken at the top of Loveland Pass which is the highest mountain pass in the world that regularly stays open during a snowy winter season.

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